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Untangle for Higher Education

Balancing Security with Controlled Access

College students are bringing more connected devices on campus than ever before, using them to access more web-based applications and high-definition content every day. Their mobile, digital lifestyle has led to unpredictable spikes in network traffic that can bring school networks to a crawl at any given time. Attempts to solve the problem with expensive bandwidth upgrades have only led to increased bandwidth usage by students.

To get insatiable bandwidth usage under control, Untangle enables network administrators to prioritize access to online school systems and educational content, while controlling the delivery of entertainment and recreational content—some of which can not only introduce liability from illegal downloads, but also carry malware payloads. Students, staff and guests are protected from online threats, ensuring a secure and reliable internet connection for all users campus-wide.

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Special Pricing


We now rely on Untangle’s NG Firewall to share bandwidth, restrict certain applications like file sharing, and provide access management and security by linking with our LDAP server.

Kansas Wesleyan University


NG Firewall Special Pricing

Public Sector Complete

Public Sector Complete is available to qualifying state and local government institutions, public schools and libraries. This package contains the same software as NG Firewall Complete, but at a greatly reduced rate.

Nonprofit Complete

Nonprofit Complete is available to qualifying not for profit institutions, NGOs, private schools and religious organizations. This package contains the same software as NG Firewall Complete, but at a greatly reduced rate.

Is Untangle Right For You?

Optimize bandwidth for mission-critical traffic (online administrative systems, class curriculum, academic resources, etc.), and lower the priority of recreational traffic (streaming video, online games, P2P, etc.)

Enables BYOD

Layer 7 application awareness identifies all incoming application traffic regardless of port destination

Active Directory/LDAP Integration

Protects student records, health information, and other confidential data

Centralized management and real-time reporting that lets you drill down to view and control individual user activity

Firewall, Router, IPsec VPN, Advanced Antivirus, Spam Blocking, Intrusion Prevention, and Phish Blocking

Web Filtering with real-time updates