u150 Appliance

The Untangle u150 NG Firewall Appliance is the best all-in-one solution for mid-sized organizations with up to 150 users. Its modest price point represents an excellent value for organizations seeking a comprehensive, flexible answer to content filtering, performance management and perimeter security.


With a choice of NG Firewall Complete or NG Firewall Free, the u150 offers enterprise-grade features in an easy-to-deploy device that makes sense for medium-sized organizations.


Untangle offers two special pricing packages that include the same features as NG Firewall Complete. Public Sector Complete provides discounts for qualifying state and local government institutions, public schools and libraries. Nonprofit Complete provides discounts to qualifying not-for-profit institutions, NGOs, private schools and religious organizations.


*Shipping outside the U.S.? See available destinations.

  • Well-priced 1U rack mount unit.
  • Plug-and-play setup makes deployment easy for even less technical users.
  • Choose between NG Firewall Free , NG Firewall Complete , Public Sector Complete, or the Nonprofit Complete package to suit your needs and budget. Compare packages here.
  • Appliances are sold with an annual software license. Please see software renewal license price at the right.
  • Upgrade at any time from NG Firewall Free to NG Firewall Complete at a pro-rated price.
  • During the first 15 days after receipt of your appliance, you may request a performance upgrade to the next larger appliance. If approved, you will be charged a restocking fee of $150 or 10% of the purchase price, whichever is greater, plus the difference in price between the appliances. Your subscription will then renew at the larger appliance rate.
  • Please see our Returns Policy and Warranty.
  • Recommended for 50-150 users.
  • Intel Pentium® dual core processor
  • 4G RAM
  • Six gigabit ethernet ports
  • 500 GB, 7200 rpm hard drive
  • VGA port
  • Dual USB ports
  • Ships with power adapter, power cord, ethernet cable and rack mount bracket.
  • Dimensions: 17.25”(W) x 11.5”(D) x 1.73”(H)
  • Signature black case with Untangle green logo and color-coded external/internal ethernet ports.
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