WAN Failover

Every purchase of WAN Balancer includes WAN Failover at no additional charge.


WAN Failover allows the Untangle server to detect if any of your internet links go down and switch traffic to an alternate connection. You can prevent downtime due to ISP issues, or replace expensive T1 links with multiple cable or DSL lines.


Works with WAN Balancer to reroute traffic set to a specific ISP to keep PCs and servers online.


  • Automatically detects Internet outages and switches to the backup provider.
  • Customize thresholds and tests per connection.
  • Logs Internet downtime making it easy to identify connections with poor reliability.

  • Notes:
  • Each WAN connection will require its own separate network card in the server.
  • Each Internet connection must be in separate IP address space.
  • If present, PPPoE must be handled by the upstream DSL modem.
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