Spam Blocker Lite

Spam Blocker Lite enables administrators to block spam at the gateway before it ever reaches the users. Zero client installations and an intuitive GUI make it easy to filter SMTP and provide individual quarantines for each user mailbox.


Leverages the best spam filtering techniques including Bayesian Filters, Razor, Realtime Block Lists (RBLs), OCR for image spam and tarpitting.


Both Spam Blocker and Spam Blocker Lite are based on the SpamAssassin project; however, Spam Blocker also integrates MailShell Anti-Spam to improve detection rates

  • Open source and free under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • Quarantines for each mailbox enable users to manage their own spam folders without having to track down an administrator.
  • Personal Passlists enable users to designate specific email addresses as “”trusted”” without having to bother the IT staff.
  • Image-based filtering scans images within emails to stop this new pervasive spamming technique.
  • SMTP support.
  • Reports give a comprehensive view of the spam on your network, including  the source of the spam, ham-to-spam ratios, trending and stats per user.
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    Spam Blocker is built upon technology from the SpamAssassin project.

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    This app is offered free of charge for unlimited use. Enjoy!