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Around 80% of emails sent globally continue to be spam, with attackers constantly looking for inventive ways to get their messages delivered to unassuming users. As they become more creative in their use of technology to get around anti-spam solutions, it has become even more important for anti-spam solutions to effectively block spam and phishing attacks while maintaining a low false positive rate. Spam Blocker uses multiple technologies to effectively protect against spam; even real-time spam outbreaks that are mass distributed over the Internet.


Spam Blocker provides better detection rates and lower false positive rates than Spam Blocker Lite by using Bitdefender’s Intelligent Spam Filtering Technology, which is constantly updated to proactively stop spam email and their variations.


  • Industry-leading detection rate at 99.96%
  • Perimeter protection – blocks spam before it reaches the mail server
  • Complete global solution – protects against all types of spam with any content, in any location, format or language including image-based and double-byte languages
  • Perimeter protection – blocks spam before it reaches the mail server
  • Bayesian Filters
  • Real-time Blacklist using published IP addresses linked to spamming
  • URL, Image and Character Filtering that blocks known spam signatures
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    Spam Blocker is built upon technology from the SpamAssassin project, augmented by
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