Phish Blocker

Identity thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated with email and website spoofs that are nearly impossible to discern from the real thing. Phish Blocker protects users from email phishing attacks and fraudulent pharming websites.


Protection for multiple protocols, including HTTP and SMTP, ensure that signatures are always current with automatic updates.

  • Open source & free under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • Block phishing email on SMTP.
  • Blocks malicious ”pharming” websites.
  • Event log of phish caught.
  • Reports show how many fraud emails were stopped, who they were targeting, and from where they were sent.
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    Phish Blocker is an intelligent email filter that identifies phishing attacks – email containing fraudulent links or information stealing code. Phish Blocker can scan any email transferred using SMTP. It leverages ClamAV”s signature engine as well as a separate signature database complied from multiple sources to protect your users.

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