Untangle’s IPsec support allows you to connect one Untangle box to another, or connect Untangle to third-party firewall products. It’s easier than ever before to enable secure site-to-site connections between trusted networks.


Get full mesh tunnel support with no per-tunnel licensing.


Tested platforms include: Cisco, Sonicwall, and Sophos.

  • Provides support for all current encryption protocols.
  • Seamless integration with existing IPsec VPN networks.
  • Enables secure site-to-site connections between trusted networks.

  • Mobile Policy Enforcement features include:
  • L2TP for simple authentication without the need for additional third party software
  • Remote enforcement for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices
  • Remote users get all the benefits from the same policies and protections as users behind an NG Firewall
  • Full or split tunnel VPN
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    Untangle Wiki: IPsec VPN

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