Bandwidth Control

Bandwidth Control allows you to better manage the bandwidth consumption on your network, including controlling and visualizing the use of your network at a fine-grained level.


Use Bandwidth Control to assign data transfer quotas to users, guarantee bandwidth, punish unauthorized usage, and prioritize or de-prioritize sites.


  • Limit abusers” bandwidth when using unwanted protocols, like BitTorrent or P2P.
  • Give different users and/or groups different bandwidth usage rights.
  • Give important servers and services bandwidth reservations.
  • Track and monitor bandwidth usage and bandwidth abusers.
  • Troubleshoot bandwidth-related network slow-downs.
  • Assign per-user, per-site, and per-application quotas.
  • Guarantee Network bandwidth for users and/or applications.
  • Limit hosts to certain hourly/daily/weekly bandwidth quotas.
  • Punish unauthorized network usage attempts by rate-limiting network connections for users that violate Acceptable Usage Policies
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